Knolly Warden Carbon

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Jumping into carbon has been a proposition we’ve never taken lightly. We are very proud of our alloy offerings, and have always felt that translating Knolly ride characteristics and suspension execution into a new frame material must be handled with care. So we took our time, absorbed the industry move to a new wheel size, and now we are unleashing the most advanced carbon enduro bike the world has ever known.

The new Warden Carbon has 155mm of rear travel controlled by our patented and proprietary Fourby4 suspension design, which provides efficient pedaling and the notorious ‘bottomless’ Knolly feel. Drop this linkage package onto a chassis that provides razor sharp handling, and you find yourself piloting a bike that begs for more out of your legs. Utilizing our industry leading geometry specs, this long and low rocket ship is primed to demolish your local enduro race series, or bag the 40 mile covert epic you’ve been scouting for a decade.

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