EVIL BIKE - The Wreckoning

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The idea of the Wreckoning was born during our first ride on the Following. The fun, versatile, yet aggressive big wheel bike with progressive geometry was at home slashing trails, riding jump lines and crushing descents. But, somehow we knew that we could take this idea further. And shortly after apologizing to Dave Weagle for our gross oversight on the Following, the planning for the Wreckoning began.

It seems weird, but a single lap on the Following, opened our eyes to where an aggressive 29" long travel bike could go. If the Following brought sports car feel to a monster truck wheeled bike, the idea of the Wreckoning began with the idea of a bike that could shred the down like a true DH bike and still pedal pedal up, but retain the sports car feel.

Weagle was probably secretly waiting for the phone call to laugh that we have finally come to the same conclusion. With max rollover and grip, the 29" wheels combined with the 161mm of rear travel leveraged through our Delta System tech and progressive geo, created a platform that allows us to ride with a new corner destroying, party-time level of control. And in the process redefining what a big wheeled bike can do.